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Erotos III : for clarinet in B flat, cello and (optional) electronics / Nubim Soyoung Kim

Genre: Electronische Muziek
Subgenre: Gemengd ensemble (2-12 spelers) met elektronica
Bezetting: cl vc tape

A Strong Will : Version for piano / Nubim Soyoung Kim

Genre: Kamermuziek
Subgenre: Piano
Bezetting: pf

Flower : for clarinet and marimba / Nubim Soyoung Kim

Genre: Kamermuziek
Subgenre: Gemengd ensemble (2-12 spelers)
Bezetting: cl mar

nieuwste editie

A Strong Will : Version for piano duo / Nubim Soyoung Kim

Genre: Kamermuziek
Subgenre: Piano
Bezetting: 2pf



Kim, Nubim Soyoung

Nubim (real name: Soyoung Kim) is a Korean musician and composer, who combines her background in architecture with a unique approach to composition. Also, she has been doing multidisplinary approaches to art and has collaborated with various kinds of artists for diverse multi-artistic expression. She has received numerous awards, and she participated in Midem2006 and 2007, which was an exhibition for the music industry that took place in Cannes. At Midem, she got positive comments from several European companies, press and critics, such as, “music with creativity and originality”, “new kind of music. This is Nubim Jazz”, “a charming mix of jazzy, classical and film music”, to list a few.
The musical style which she pursues is more than traditional jazz, but 'Nubim’s music' as a mixture of jazz, classical and film music. She studied architecture at university and worked as an architect before coming to music. During her master's degree at Codarts (Rotterdam conservatory, Netherlands), she studied ‘the musicalization of architecture’ for her artistic research, and she has continued to work on this subject till now. Recently she began to broaden her horizon by the translating of literature into music. Also she studied both jazz and classical music at school. she compose music that breaks the boundaries between jazz and classical music.
"Nubim's music is creative and imaginative. The way of her usage of chord-harmony is a non-European approach, and the atmosphere of her music based on architecture is very different from the music related to architecture composed by Western composers. It is one of her most important characteristics that she is an architect of music." -Klaas de Vries (composer, Netherlands)
The upcoming album contains her compositions about architecture and literature
written in the Netherlands in the last four years. It will be an innovative record that proposes new approaches to music and the possibility of creative way to compose. Among the tracks on the CD, there is an electronic piece 'Between Silence and Light' which was awarded at ICMC2018 (International Computer Music Conference), and also there is an organ piece 'Chapel of Light' which was world-premiered by a great organ player Hayo Boerema at the Laurenskerk.
Nubim also had worked as a lecturer of jazz composition and modal harmony at the Seoul Art University as well as at Howon Univiersity (KR). Recent achievements have included arranging the music of Youngdong Kim, a contemporary maestro of Korean traditional music, moreover, she won 2nd prize at the Eagon Music Awards, which hosted by the Berlin Philharmonic Camerata.
Kim has also established her own independent recording label, Joy-tone Records. She did this in order to have self-control over her entire creative process. She has released four formal albums and three digital singles on this label. The main purpose of music for her is to positively influence the world through the sounds from her heart. Ultimately, she hopes her music will give hope and love to those who are in trouble.