Lechner, Leonard

Leonhard Lechner was born around 1553 in Adige, South-Tirol, now an Italian province (hence the suffix Athesinus, he used now and then). He sang in the boys choir in Landshut (Bavaria). He moved to Nuremberg in 1575 and there he published many collections of sacred and secular music. In 1584 he became director of music at the court of Eitel Friedrich IV of Hohenzollern, until he got fired because of a quarrel with his employer and got an outcast. He found refuge at the court of Ludwig von Württemberg, where he became the court’s director of music in 1594.
In his own music he shows influences of Orlando di Lasso, and of the villanella style. He died in Stuttgart in 1606. His tomb lies in the Hospitalkirche in Stuttgart.