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Enfin je suis libre : for male voice and chamber ensemble / Vladimir Rannev

Genre: Vocaal
Subgenre: Zangstem en instrument(en)
Bezetting: zang picc cl-b pf vn vc

Music to the theatrical performance "Eternal Russia" : audio files / Vladimir Rannev

Genre: Onbekend

Dies irae : for chamber choir / Vladimir Rannev

Genre: Vocaal
Subgenre: Gemengd koor
Bezetting: GK4

nieuwste editie

Ereignisse : for 6 voices / Vladimir Rannev

Genre: Vocaal
Subgenre: Gemengd koor
Bezetting: zang



Rannev, Vladimir

Artist Statement: “Music composing is for me an absolutely reflexive activity. It is the sound representation of my personal resonance with the surrounding social environment, memory of culture and experience of introspection. The formation of my compositional technique has been influenced by classical music education, years of playing in a rock band and projects with contemporary artists. Now I see no contradiction between these “schools”, on the contrary, this crossover experience has made me free from the domination of one of them. Rock-n-roll and visual art scene has helped me in more reactive attitude to life and academic education – in creativity in form, structural thinking and sound searching (extended instrumental and vocal techniques).”
Vladimir Rannev was born in Moscow, USSR, 1970, and has been living since 1998 in Saint-Petersburg (Russia).
Education: In 2003, he graduated from the composition department of the St. Petersburg Conservatory, where he studied with Professor Boris Tishchenko. From 2003 to 2005, he studied electronic music at the Hochschule für Musik in Cologne with Professor Hans Ulrich Humpert.
Compositions: Rannev writes acoustic and electroacoustic music, which has been performed in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK, Finland, Japan and the USA by various ensembles, including the Orchestra of the St. Petersburg Conservatory Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Russian State Academic Symphony Orchestra, eNsemble, Studio of New Music, Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, vocal ensemble N’Caged (Russia), ensemble Nostri Temporis (Ukrain), Orkest de Volharding, Amstel Quartet (The Netherlands), ensembles Mosaik, Les Eclats du Son, Integrales, LUX:NM, Clair-obscur, El Perro Andaluz, choirs Singakademie Oberhausen and Cuntus Domus (Germany), Ums’Jip, KontraTrio, Ensemble Phönix Basel, Ensemble Proton Bern (Switzerland), ensemble NAMES (Austria).
Career: Rannev works also in theatre, where he took part in numerous staging projects in several theaters, such as Alexandrinski Theatre (St. Petersburg) and the Theatre Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin). Rannev works also as a lecturer at the St. Petersburg State Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory and the St. Petersburg State University. He is a member of the StRes (Structure Resistance) group of composers (Russia).
Awards: Rannev is a recipient of a Gartow Stiftung scholarship (Germany, 2002), the winner of the Salvatore Martirano Award of the University Illinois (USA, 2009), Gianni Bergamo Classic Music Award (Switzerland, 2010). His opera ‘Two acts’ to a libretto by Dmitri A. Prigov was premiered in the Hermitage Museum in November 2012 (with Ensemble Mosaik and conductor Enno Poppe) and took the Grand-Prix of Sergey Kouryohin Prize 2013. The opera ‘Drillalians’ was nominated for the National Theatre Golden Mask Prix 2016.