Waelrant, Hubert

Hubert Waelrant (c.1517-1595) was a Franco-Flemish composer of the Renaissance, and also working as a teacher and music publisher. About his youth and education very little is certain. He is supposed to have lived most of his life in Antwerp. Probably he was in Italy as well, and studying with great Flemish masters who traveled all to Italy.
There are records of his work in Antwerp as a singer in 1544 and ’45, and in 1550 as a teacher. Uncertain is whether he became Protestant or kept to the Catholic faith. He published a Liber Sacrarum Cantionum (motets) in 1556. Furthermore a Primo Libro de Madrigali and Canzoni Francesi in 1558, and Canzoni alla napolitana in 1565.
In 1585 he published a collection of Italian madrigals and songs by various composers: Symphonia Angelica, dedicated to Cornelis de Pruenen, probably his benefactor.
Cees Wagemakers, 2019