Wouters, Hero

Nationaliteit: Netherlands

Hero Wouters is a former teacher of vision/sound-correlations and electronic music at the "Vrije Akademie" (Free Academy) of The Hague, producer/owner of a multitrack-recording studio in Amsterdam, and working as a composer for the famous Dutch theatre-group "Het Werkteater".
Founded various ensembles for improvised electro-acoustical music like The TWO, Dada di Musica and Panta Rhei, and is founder of the COM, the organisation of "Componisten van Oorspronkelijke Muziek" (Composers of Original Music) for whom he once performed the sensational composition "Solo for Bricks and Windowpanes" on Dutch television (showing the COMS's attitude towards certain organisations within the Dutch "modern music-scene").
His name as a controversial composer was defenitively established with "Muziek voor Koor en Orkest, opus 365" (Music for Choir and Orchestra), when 5 choirs en 5 orchestra's together with their families, neighbours and friends were listening (while eating, knitting or doing other interesting things) to his music, brought forth by a tape-recorder: the music is for and not by choir and orchestra.
He scored about 90 movies, AV-productions en theatre-plays, and his music was released on over 70 L.P.'s and cd's in Europe and the United States.
Today he is working as a movie-maker and composer for the COM Foundation on various art-projects. In 2013 he completed the movie “The Century Resonates Now”. Since 2015 he has focused musically on his Ultrakorg.