Fine, Michael

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Oboe Concerto : for oboe and chamber orchestra / Michael Fine

Genre: Orkest
Subgenre: Hobo en groot ensemble
Bezetting: ob-solo fl cl fg h 2vn vla vc db

Violinconcerto no. 2 : (1968) / Oscar van Hemel

Genre: Orkest
Subgenre: Viool en orkest
Bezetting: 2232 4330 timp 5perc cel hp str vl-solo

Hymne / gecomponeerd door Alphons Diepenbrock, voor viool en orkest

Genre: Orkest
Subgenre: Viool en orkest
Bezetting: 2232 2300 timp hp str vl-solo

Vioolconcert : (1987), revisie 1988 / Pieter Hermsen

Genre: Orkest
Subgenre: Viool en orkest
Bezetting: 3223 4231 timp 3-4perc hp pf str vl-solo



Memories : Concerto for violin and orchestra / Michael Fine

Uitgavenummer: 16151
Genre: Orkest
Subgenre: Viool en orkest
Bezetting: vn-solo 2fl 2ob 2cl 2fg 2h 2tpt timo perc hp str
Tijdsduur: 13'00"
Status: volledig gedigitaliseerd (direct leverbaar)

"Memories" is my first concerto and first piece with a solo violin. Its title and dedication to my wife Tammy stems from our mutual delight in spontaneous, improvised comic songs, most about our beloved cat Sambucca who shared our lives for 21 years (and was quite the music critic.) Many of these songs became our "standard repertoire" and even now, years after Sam's death, we still sing her songs to each other. These songs and snatches of song sneak their way into Memories, I hope in a way that no one will recognise except Tammy and me. The other memory enshrined in this piece is my grandfather, a passionate music lover and violin aficionado, who if he was disappointed that I chose to play clarinet hid it well. Of course, my first concerto had to be for violin.
Michael Fine

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