Veldhuis, Jacob ter

Dutch ‘avant pop’ composer JacobTV started as a rock musician and studied composition and electronic music; he won the Composition Prize of the Netherlands in 1980. He became a full ...

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Genre: Kamermuziek
Subgenre: Viool
Bezetting: vl

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Genre: Kamermuziek
Subgenre: Gitaar
Bezetting: 3g

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Diapason : for guitar duo, opus 36, 1988 / Jacob ter Veldhuis

Uitgever: Amsterdam: Donemus, cop. 1992
Uitgavenummer: 08170
Genre: Kamermuziek
Subgenre: Gitaar
Bezetting: 2g
Bijzonderheden: Met voorw. - In opdracht van de stad Groningen. - Opgedragen aan Remco de Haan en Erik Westerhof (Groningen Guitar Duo). - Tijdsduur: ca. 10'
Tijdsduur: 10'00"
Aantal spelers: 2
Compositiejaar: 1988
Status: volledig gedigitaliseerd (direct leverbaar)

Program note (English): The literal meaning of the Greek word diapason is: through all strings. However, nowadays the word is understood to refer to the tuning, performing or concert pitch (here the A of 440 Hz.). Many types of folk music posess a characteristic 'bourdon', a ground bass or drone which may be present in actuality or imagination, with the melodic line playing around it and its harmonics. This is what happens in 'Diapason', but the melodic material contains the most dissonant intervals imaginable on the bourdon or keynote, the A. Thus we hear a kind of 'atonal tonality'. Both guitars achieve a firm synthesis in Diapason: musically they reflect each other as in a mirror. The piece opens with a musical line which plays around a single note, out of which a more mobile musical line develops. The middle section is fast and rhythmical and culminates in a violent pizzicato conflict, after which there is a return to the opening theme. - JACOB TER VELDHUIS

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