Frame Nº 6: Reset

In cooperation with the Dutch painter Wim Janssen I wrote seven frames as a musical response to seven series of paintings with the same title. The instrumentation first increases and then decreases, like a musical crescendo and diminuendo. The compositions were written spontaneous and in an intuitive way. Especially 'Via Dolorosa' and 'Reset' are very topical subjects in 2016, they successively imagine the forced eviction of failed asylum seekers, and the 'coloring' of Dutch society by the large influx of immigrants. The series 'Car' illustrates the experience of a car driver in the Netherlands, 'The battle against the water' gives an impression of the sea threatening in ancient Holland, 'Packs' shows the power of large crowds. In the series 'Dutch Golden Age' both Janssen and myself were inspired by the old masters in both visual and musical ways. 'After Juan Gris' is a response to the cubistic period of the Spanish painter Juan Gris. Janssen created a number of still lifes with percussion instruments instead of the traditional violins and guitars. Musically I translated the still lifes of percussion into piano music...
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Nieuwste edities

  1. Die Lian Hua : for flute / Austin Yip
  2. Star Child : for sextet / Bernard Benoliel
  3. Concerto for Oboe Section : Version for 3 oboes and string quintet / Michael Fine
  4. 10 pieces of 10 : for solo instruments or voice (Edition for E flat instruments) / Maarten Ornstein
  5. En-Kin-Esi [Εν Κινήσει] : for bass clarinet / Georgia Nicolaou
  6. Three Birthday Pieces : for orchestra / Martijn Padding
  7. Ether : for oboe, electric guitar and double bass / Calliope Tsoupaki
  8. No Name : Two pieces for oboe and violin / Calliope Tsoupaki
  9. Maria Magdalena : for mixed choir and a keyboard instrument / Daan Manneke
  10. 24 Arie Antiche : for voice and guitar / Kees Arntzen (arr.)

Populairste werken

  1. Afterwalk (après promenade) : for partially prepared piano / Christina Viola Oorebeek
  2. Canto Ostinato : voor toetsinstrumenten, 1976-79 / Simeon ten Holt
  3. Piano Fractals : for piano / Amos Elkana
  4. Lullaby : Version for violin, alto saxophone and piano / Nimrod Borenstein
  5. Softly Bouncing : for orchestra / Martijn Padding
  6. Verstomde stilte : for guitar / Bob Wander
  7. Quatre offertoires sur des chants grégoriens : for organ / F. Xavier Gelabert i Muntaner
  8. Xing : for 2 conductors and ensemble / Adam Łukawski
  9. Études opus 66 : for piano / Nimrod Borenstein
  10. That All Changes : for guitar / Jan-Peter de Graaff