Gardano, Antonio

Antonio Gardano was an Italian composer and important music publisher in Venice. He was born in France as Antoine Gardane in 1509. His musical compositions were published in Lyon, by Moderne. He set up a publishing house in Venice in the mid-16th century until he died in 1569. He published works of many composers, such as Arcadelt, De Rore, Di Lasso and Willaert. Together with the other great Venetian music published Scotto he held an effective monopoly on publishing in Italy for decades. While Gardano published only music, Scotto did other disciplines as well: medicine, law, theology and philosophy. In this mass Moderne's scribe uses an impious indication to be silent for the Altus voice in Plen sunt caeli: "Pleni non bibit", meaning: "he does not drink".
Cees Wagemakers