Lindner, Friedrich

Geboortedatum: 1542
Sterfdatum: 1597

Friedrich Lindner was a German composer and collector of various musical material. He was not known primarily for his compositions but more for his editions and copying. He had received a scholarship to attend the Gymnasium and later went to the University of Leipzig to continue his studies. Lindner began service to the Ansbach court in 1564 becoming the Kantor in 1574 holding the position until his death. One of his own compositions was written for the dedication of the University of Altdorf, “Veni, Sancte Spiritus” (Come, Holy Spirit). This is the only known surviving composition by Lindner.
Accomplishments by Lindner as a copyist included twenty-five choirbooks containing a total of about 426 works varying from five to six voices. Represented composers included Lassus, Riccio, Ammon, and Contino. As an editor of a collection dominated by Italian works, Lindner is supposed to have received many works directly from the composers themselves. That is why many of the motets in his collection are not to be found elsewhere in editions of that time. So he provided a path for the dissemination of these works out of Italy and into Germany.
Cees Wagemakers, 2018