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La belle musique Nº5 (Dhikr) : for vibraphone, piano and string quartet / Alexandre Rabinovitch-Barakovsky

Genre: Kamermuziek
Subgenre: Gemengd ensemble (2-12 spelers)
Bezetting: vibr pf 2vn vla vc

Les chants-spirales : for vibraphone, celesta and piano / Alexandre Rabinovitch-Barakovsky

Genre: Kamermuziek
Subgenre: Gemengd ensemble (2-12 spelers)
Bezetting: vibr cel pf

Fairy Tale : for violin, piano and vibraphone (campanelli) / Alexandre Rabinovitch-Barakovsky

Genre: Kamermuziek
Subgenre: Gemengd ensemble (2-12 spelers)
Bezetting: vn pf vibr

nieuwste editie

7 Manas : for (amplified) piano or amplified electric piano / Alexandre Rabinovitch-Barakovsky

Genre: Kamermuziek
Subgenre: Piano
Bezetting: pf



Rabinovitch-Barakovsky, Alexandre

Rabinovitch is one of today's most interesting composers. His musical language is based on a deep philosophy that one can clearly feel, although he is at the same time totally free from speculative character and dryness, the typical shortcomings of many contemporary works
Solomon Volkov, Novoe Russkoe Slovo, New York

Rabinovitch-Barakovsky is a Russian minimalist who defies category more that almost any composer I've heard in recent memory(...)This ability to reconcile the static with the engaging is perhaps the composer's greatest technical accomplishment. The Maithna and Jiao are works of a genuinely imaginative, original composer, who has a loopy personal vision, and deep musical technique that informs both the architecture and the sonic "skin" of his music. Highly recommended; it's rare one has "find" like this.
Robert Carl, Fanfare.

Rabinovitch's music poses - and goes beyond - the most significant musical questions of the end of the 20th century. It makes us feel the weight of history, which has never been so obvious as in this age of escapism and evasion, at the same time doing away with it by revealing a new tonal world. It mingles the rhythmic vitality that is so typical of this century with a rediscovery of mysticism, over and above progress in art. All these intermingled tendencies are expressed through a taste for beauty, through a freely-asserted hedonistic aspiration, by an exceptional artistic personality, a traveller on this planet...
Benoît Duteurtre

Rabinovitch's system of thinking and his creative individuality don't fit into any of our culture's known standards. (…) He is interested in the universal spirituality that doesn't stem from any known religion, and in a mystic unification of the eras. He doesn't see music as a pure substance, but as a language that works with abstract symbols.
Soviet Music

Resolutely hanging back from the contemporary circle, full of his official status, the musician remains an endless appartride, he is in an "elsewhere" geographical and metaphysical.
Frank Mallet, Classica

"Pura Cosa Mentale" is a two-disc set.....Simply put, no one else dares write music like "Six Intermediary States." ....
Gorgeous and weird sounds ooze out of the orchestra, and they get ever weirder and more gorgeous in wave after wave of not pure thought but pure aural ecstasy. The effect is almost as though Rabinovitch-Barakovsky, who elicited a winning performance from the Belgrade Philharmonic, has located a previously unknown pleasure point hidden deep in the inner ear.
Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times

The epic-length Incantations, scored for amplified piano and celeste, vibraphones, marimbas, electric guitar, and string orchestra, is a bright, sunny creation, unrelenting in its forward motion."
American Record Guide