Kwiecinski, Andrzej

Andrzej Kwiecinski was born on 11th June 1984 in Warsaw, Poland. Education : Andrzej studied composition with Sławomir Czarnecki (1999-2005) at the Jozef Elsner State Secondary Music School in Warsaw. He ...

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Pièces d'un violoncelle : for violoncello solo and string orchestra / Andrzej Kwiecinski

Genre: Orkest
Subgenre: Cello en strijkorkest
Bezetting: vc-solo str

Szene der Helga, Verwandlungsmusik und Schluss-Szene aus dem Musikdrama „Frau Helga von Stavern“ : for soprano, baritone and orchestra / Text and music by Jan van Gilse

Genre: Orkest
Subgenre: Zangstem en orkest
Bezetting: sopr bar 3fl 2ob eh 2cl cl-b 2fg cfg 4h 3trp 3trb tb timp 2perc hp str

Les illuminations : voor kamer-symphonie-orkest / naar teksten van Arthur Rimbaud, Joh. Bordewijk-Roepman

Genre: Orkest
Subgenre: Orkest; Zangstem en orkest
Bezetting: 2322 2200 timp perc hp str (Antique: sopr 2322 2000 hp str)

La sirène : romance pour orchestre et chant (ou saxophone), contr'alto ou baryton ou saxophone solo (alto mi b[émol]), (1949) / poème de Jules von der Becke (d'après W.B. Yeats), Alexander Voormolen

Genre: Orkest
Subgenre: Zangstem en orkest; Saxofoon en orkest
Bezetting: medium/sax-a-solo 2130 2100 timp perc cel hp str



Canzon de' baci : per voce solo e orchestra da camera / Andrzej Kwiecinski

Uitgavenummer: 13428
Genre: Orkest
Subgenre: Zangstem en orkest
Bezetting: ten fl ob cl fg h trp trb vibr lastra trg pf str
Bijzonderheden: Dedicato a Karol Koztowski
Tijdsduur: ca. 9'
Compositiejaar: 2013
Status: volledig gedigitaliseerd (direct leverbaar)

Canzon de'baci is a turning point in my creative work. For a long time there appeared some kind of dichotomy in it - my interest in composition completely didn’t meet my passions as a countertenor, specializing in baroque singing. It was during Canzon de'baci when I realized that this couldn't go on.  I started to look for my identity, wondering what is most important for me, to seek common ground for the functioning of these two worlds. I tried to make Canzon de’baci extremely baroque, but not in an obvious way. I'm not interested neither in stylizations nor toying with the conventions. My intention is to create music that inherits modernist avant-garde idioms built on a repertoire of gestures performing analogous functions to the musical gestures of the Baroque era. My music has to be a baroque one, not an imitation of it. The basis of work is one of the most popular forms of Baroque - ciaccona. I hid the ciaccona melody not in the bass, but in high voice. Another very important part of my job is distortion, the melody is played by the piano on extreme harmonic positions. I wanted to build a structure a bit like Lego: to build a superstructure on substructure. – Andrzej Kwieciński of his work.

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